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Companies and Freelancers

Why pay more for what you need? With YourMarketer, you pay for the marketing projects that need to get done right now and have the work completed by a marketing expert who understands your industry. No need to hire a temp or a full agency. Send out the projects as you need them.


We offer several secure payment options. At the beginning of your project, you and your freelancer agree to the scope of the project, the timing, milestones and then fund the project and payment is automatically funded as agreed. The money is released based on the timing you agreed to in the project scope and once it is completed.

There is an administrative service fee added to each project to assist with smooth delivery.


This is an hourly payment schedule agreed upon between the company and the individual freelancer and is great for smaller projects.


Is based on an entire project, the funds are entered at the beginning of the project and are released once it is completed.



Looking for more marketing? Some firms need to outsource additional marketing functions and require assistance for a set timeframe. We can outline key deliverables and what is needed to set your company up for success.

There is no cost or subscription charge to join YourMarketer to list your profile and services. You keep 80% of each of your transactions. We provide our freelancers with advertising and promote them directly to the target professional services industry companies. This service helps to eliminate the need for hunting for clients and hoping to be picked from thousands of other freelancers on other platforms.


You bill your clients your hourly rates, which is great when working on smaller projects.




When you work on projects, the funds for the entire project are entered at the beginning of the project and are released once the project is completed. This is great for medium-sized projects that you are expert in, such as brochures, press releases and distribution, etc. You can set your fees for these types of projects and post them to your profile.


If you are working on an retainer account, you will track your time in the time tracker and bill YourMarketer monthly for your time.


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