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industry easy.
WE CAN HELP! We carefully vet each of our freelancers, providing you access to the best of the best. WE ARE YOURMARKETERS. SM
ADA Website Accessibility Opening the Digital Door
for Everyone.
We're excited to announce our web accessibility partnership with accessiBe, which will allow you to improve website performance, demonstrate a commitment to inclusion, and mitigate legal risk. LEARN MORE! SM WE ARE YOURMARKETERS.
Need Marketing Help? Need marketing help
but not sure where to start?
We can simplify your marketing planning process, helping you get started. WE CAN HELP! SM WE ARE YOURMARKETERS.
During the Pandemic, Companies Decreased Marketing Budgets and Increased Demands Rethinking Marketing Survey Rethinking Marketing:
2022 Survey of Today’s
Marketing Department
Survey results found 52% of marketers felt the pandemic left the department with more work and less resources. DOWNLOAD SURVEY!
Sales and Marketing Materials Making an impact with
your sales & marketing
You need outstanding materials when selling products and services. They reinforce your brand identity and message, and can create a positive impression on your targets and prospects. LEARN MORE! SM WE ARE YOURMARKETERS.
Industry Freelancer YourMarketer bridges
the gap between marketing
and business.
Imagine having industry experienced marketers as an extension of YOUR team, helping YOUR business stay competitive while keeping marketing costs down. WE CAN HELP! SM WE ARE YOURMARKETERS.
Creating compelling
company messaging
When someone asks your employees, “What does your company do,” are they all giving the same answer? READ MORE SM WE ARE YOURMARKETERS.

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Talk with your freelancer about the specifics of your project, working through the drafts to the final product


03 | Pay When Project is Complete

Pay your freelancer using our easy online system once you are happy with your finished project


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ADA Website Compliance
Google Display Ads
Engaging Social Media Posts
Website Development
Blog Post Writing
Marketing Collateral Materials

“Working with YourMarketer could not be easier. We use them for all of our daily marketing needs, from marketing strategy, to social media and advertising. We even had them help us market our business launch!”

Paul D. Weinberg, Co-Founder and CEO of CPA EXCHANGE LLC

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ADA Website Compliance
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Our Story

YourMarketer was started to better respond to marketplace changes like recession, market downturns, and COVID-19. In a crisis, it is often the core support staff, including marketing, who are the first to be impacted as ‘non-essential’ costs. In reality, times of economic volatility are when you need marketing support the most.


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