We make finding quality marketers
for your industry easy.
LEARN MORE! We focus on professional services and carefully vet each of our freelancers, providing you access to the best of the best. WE ARE YOURMARKETERS. Legal Management Consulting Financial Services Technology TECHNOLOGY FINANCIAL
SM Do you know if your messages are effective and reaching your target audience? Are you able to measure and track for performance? Marketing campaigns can increase your reach into the marketplace by using multiple touchpoints. WE ARE YOURMARKETERS. Using marketing campaigns
to reach your targets.
READ MORE Marketing Campaign ROI Infographic
Sales and Marketing Materials Making an impact with your
sales & marketing materials.
WE ARE YOURMARKETERS. It is critical to have outstanding materials when selling B2B products and services. They reinforce your brand identity and brand message, and when done well, can create a positive, long-lasting impression on your targets and prospects. LEARN MORE! SM
Creating compelling
company messaging
When someone asks your employees, “What does your company do,” how do they answer? Do they all give the same answer? Is the message compelling or do you sound like your competitors? READ MORE WE ARE YOURMARKETERS. SM
PR Campaigns YourMarketer bridges the gap
between marketing and business.
Imagine having industry experienced marketers as an extension of YOUR team, helping YOUR business stay competitive while keeping marketing costs down. WE ARE YOURMARKETERS. LEARN MORE! SM
We Are YourMarketers YourMarketer bridges the gap
between marketing and business.
WE ARE YOURMARKETERS. We focus on professional services firms, matching YOU with marketers experienced in YOUR industry. LEARN MORE! SM We Are YourMarketers.

Our Story

YourMarketer was started to better respond to marketplace changes like recession, market downturns, and COVID-19. In a crisis, it is often the core support staff, including marketing, who are the first to be impacted as ‘non-essential’ costs. In reality, times of economic volatility are when you need marketing support the most.



We Are YourMarketers.

The world of business is changed. We transformed the delivery model for marketing — by creating an online platform that identifies your industry and matches your projects to top industry marketing professionals – all while keeping your payroll costs streamlined.

How It Works


We make finding marketing consultants with experience in your industry easy. Our vetting process ensures that you are receiving expertise and insight from quality marketing professionals.


Sign up, post your project, and we will match you with marketers skilled in your industry who will provide you with a quote for your work. We ensure our clients are satisfied with the quality of the work performed.


We offer a secure payment platform and make sure you are satisfied with your work product before releasing the funds from the account. This cost-effective method provides you with access to first-rate marketers at a fraction of the cost of a marketing payroll.

“Working with YourMarketer could not be easier. We use them for all of our daily marketing needs, from marketing strategy, to social media and advertising. We even had them help us market our business launch!”

Paul D. Weinberg, Co-Founder and CEO of CPA EXCHANGE LLC

Why Choose YourMarketer?


Economic Edge

Even during tough economic times, you need to maintain your marketing edge to keep your business running and gain new clients. Working with marketers who understand the specifics of your business and industry can be the difference between success and failure.

Intuitive Platform

Our platform is secure and offers a simple workspace where you can post your projects, receive quotes from freelancers, and interact with them. No need to hunt through thousands of people, wondering if you are going to get someone good or if they understand your business. We take the guesswork out!

Professional Services Industry Focus

We specialize in serving the professional services sector, screening and accepting only exceptional marketing freelancers, so you get the best of the best.

Industries we serve:

  • Accounting, Tax and Consulting
  • Legal
  • Management Consulting
  • Financial Services
  • Technology

Matched for Success

What happens if you later want to hire a freelancer you are working with? Great! We couldn’t be happier! We want both your business and our marketing freelancers to grow and succeed.

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Featured Services

SEO Optimization SEO Optimization
SEO Optimization
fixed Rate USD 750.00
Landing Pages Landing Pages
Landing Pages
fixed Rate USD 1,875.00
Website Development Website Development
Website Development
fixed Rate USD 15,000.00
Presentations Presentations
fixed Rate USD 1,250.00

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